Dragon’s Maw: Part One

    “…All societies tremble when the scornful aristocracy of tramps, inaccessible, unique ones, rulers over the ideal and conquerors of the nothing…” Renzo Novatore   It is quite curious why a mechanical reproduction will set the theme of this entry. A piece severed from authenticity; yet, shared the same time and space, in such … Continue reading Dragon’s Maw: Part One


Lives of Necromancers

Crayon by Jacques Gamelin, 1779. Iconographic collection; Wellcome Library, London. ∗∗∗ Today I shall introduce William Godwin’s “Lives of Necromancers”, 1834. The 460-page book is an encyclopedic interpretation of the unfathomable arts and the people who made ground breaking discoveries as well as persecuted for their imagination; and in some cases, hailed as gods of … Continue reading Lives of Necromancers